• Nelthro

    The Nelthar Universe

    April 20, 2014 by Nelthro

    Greetings and welcome to The Nlethar universe, Though I've probably already welcomed toy unconscioously.

    I'm here to give you some guidelines and answers to any questions you might have... So then let's get going.

    The Nelthar universe is mostly set in a medieval fantasy world known as Nai-Tros which is far from finished, I've added all the continents that I'm gonna add so you might as well add a few too Nai-tros is about the size of Jupiter so there's a lot of room. (I know, It's huge.)

    No seas have beem given names But I've thought up the name "Burning Sea" Which may have something to do with the destruction of Andaro. Of course some lore has been added but that's mostly ancient lore, later years need a lot of work still. And there's barely …

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