Colored Dragons are the dragons that are mostly regarded as Evil.

Dragon kindsEdit

These are all the original colored dragons. All original dragons carry a primary color.

Red DragonEdit

The most powerful of the Original Colored Dragons, It's one of the largest kinds of Dragon and spits fire.

Blue DragonEdit

A Powerful kind of Dragon it spits lightning.

Yellow DragonEdit

A weaker kind of dragon it exhales a fog that immediately makes people deathly ill.


These are dragons that were created from intercourse between two draconic parents. These dragons carry secondary or tertiary colors and are more rare than their ancestors due to different colored dragons not normally getting along with each other.

Green DragonEdit

Created through a mix of the Blue dragon and the Yellow Dragon this dragon cannot get sick and is higly resistant to electricity. It exhales poison gas and in some cases it can spit lightning.

Orange DragonEdit

Created through a mix of the Red dragon and the yellow Dragon this dragon is resitant to both fire and illness. It exhales both fire and a flammable poisonous gas.

Purple DragonEdit

Created through a mix of the Red dragon and the Blue dragon this dragon is Immune to Fire and Electricity. And can spit both the elements. They are great fliers and are known to grow extremely large.

Tertiary DragonEdit

Tertiary dragons are the result of any of the above dragons mixing amongst themselves. Tertiary dragons include: Magenta, Vermillion, Cyan and more.

Tinted DragonsEdit

Tinted dragons are extremely Rare Dragons, ceated from multiple other colors.

Brown DragonEdit

This Dragon is created through currently unknown means but they are resistant to Ilness, fire and lightning, spit a falmmable poison gas, lightning and fire.

Pink DragonEdit

A dragon that is produced through mixing of a red dragon and a White Dragon. This dragon has the power to produce both Ice and Fire.