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The Draconic language is the language spoken by dragons. Though it was not made by them.


The Draconic language is even older than the actual Dragons themselves and according to the chamber of knowledge no one knows where exactly it came from, only that it has been used by dragons since the first dragon emerged. It is however presumed that it was created by an overgod or some other powerful creature.


Draconic Common
A My
Aaris Return
Aazneir Eradis
Aiis Go
Ceim Appear
Draga Dragon
Dras This
Ech One
Eilrun Angel
Eilrzech God
Enech Universe
Faal From
Fenh To
Gonar Minion
Klein Monk
Kraiz Hate
Kunn Slayer
Loos Not
Maroniol Weapon
Muon Nai-Tros
Muonra Vita
Nuriz Love
O s - used to signify more than one
Parkanar Promise
Ra Lord
Sech Fury
Selmhar Hero
Ser Rise
Testora Power
Tiirnaas Time
Voun Void
Vounra Voidlord
Zairun Demon
Zairzech Devil
Zechra Overgod