The Eldest race on Nai-Tros. Elves are seen as a race of beautiful women and handsome men. They are the greatest mages and Archers the world has ever laid eyes on, light as a feather and as agile as a cat


S'on is the capital city of the elves, it is built in the middle of a large lake on the island Osalius which is part of Kaniros just northeast of Kethros. S'on is known as being the most beautiful city across all of Kaniros. All the buildings in S'on are still alive as they are trees and stones that have grown into a specific shape with the use of elven magic.


Elves have light bodies and as a result are rather fragile which is the reason they prefer ranged combat to melee combat. Elves are the eldest race on Nai-Tros after the Angels and Demons, who created them. They are also among the most intelligent and by far the most Eco-friendly. They hunt only if there is a shortage on food but mosy elvels stay vegetarian throughout their entire lives.


The first race to ever walk Nai-Tros they were also the first to create settlements with the gnomes creating their first settlement underground mere seconds later. Elves settled down in Eradis first, where they quickly found out that they had to fight to survive as the forest had many dangerous creatures. They later migrated to Osalius where they used magic they had developed in Eradis to create the beautiful city of S'on.


The elves believe that the god "Bellitudo" was their original creater and created them to give the planet beauty.