Important Information
Race Angel
Gender Male
Born MA 1070


Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'2'
Weight 120 lbs
Other Information
Affiliation Kaniros Pantheon
Weapons Black Magic
Home Deathly Temple

Faeyros, also known as the "Forgotten god" or the "God of Intellect" is actually an angel and a Former god.


Faeyros is normally calm and collected, however when something happens that he does not approve of he can become quite angered.

Early lifeEdit

Faeyros was originally born an elf, in the Forest of Eradis. From a young age he was trained to become a powerful black mage, this required of him to follow a forbidden path of magic known as "Black arts" day in and day out he was treated badly, forced to practice.

Adult lifeEdit

At the age of 23 Faeyros had enough of his masters and the parents that had forced him to become a black mage, he killed both his father and his mother as well as his master before escaping Eradis, never to return. He went southwest into a desert where the city of Raison stood, a city ravaged by plague, beggars lining every street and robbers around every corner, Faeyros saw this city for what it was and decided he would help them, he used what little he knew of healing magic to ease the pain of the plagues victims, helping the beggars as much as he could and stopping the city's robbers. It didn't take long before he earned the name "The Black Priest of Raison" a name only a few scholars remember today.


As Faeyros helped the city, word of his deeds reached the priests of Kethros who didn't hesitate to come to his aid, these priests knew more of healing than Faeyros and while healing the plagued they thaught Faeyros white magic. Unfortunately the King of Raison was not too happy with Faeyros' work as his people turned their back on the king and saw to Faeyros for aid. The king commanded his guards to arrest Faeyros and throw him into the deepest dungeons of Raison keep. Much to the peoples displeasure even if he let the priests of Kethros continue their work. But with Faeyros gone, morale sunk and the priests returned home. This led to the people once again turning to Faeyros in the depths of the dungeons, protests and riots rose in the city and continiously cults were formed worshipping Faeyros as a messenger of the gods will. With the worshippers rapidly growing Faeyros ascended to Godhood. As a God mere chains could not keep him in the dungeons. With Faeyros power increased he rose from the dungeons to help the city once again.


Faeyros newfound power allowed him to cure the plague for once and for all, convince the robbers to stop and provide all beggars with food, drink, clothes and anything else needed in the city. Unfairness had been eliminated from the entire city, but with nothing more Faeyros could do he was no longer needed and the people turned their back on him, his worshippers diminished and his title of god was reduced to Angel. "Such is my fate as the Black priest" he said. Faeyros left Raison and the east, he went to the west to an abandoned temple where he has resided for decades.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Holding much knowledge of both black and white magic Faeyros is indeed a powerful mage. And his status as Angel provides him with Abilities beyond what most mages see as the final apex.

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