Easily the most intelligent races on Nai-Tros these small creatures are known to be a race of engineers and inventors, creating the most bizarre machines the world has ever laid eyes on.

While they are weak due to their size, they rarely have need for strength as they prove excellent Mages and any intruders are ended by their many traps


Reactoris is the capital city of the Gnomish folk and as the name impies it houses a reactor generating electricty and power throughout the Gnomish empire. Reactoris is built just off the coast of east Kaniros half the city is aflot while the other half is sumberged but not flooded, Reactories is a wonder to all mortals. This large city is heavily protected by automated weaponry and it's technology is out of this world.


Gnomes are the smallest sentient race to ever walk the surface of the planets. Their small size makes them quite weak but they make up for it with their aptitude for magic and their excessive technology and intelligence.


Little is known of the dwarves existence some even claim that they are not even natives of the world but crashlanded on Nai-Tros and decided to stay. However the Chamber of Knowledge tells otherwise. The writings tell of the god "Apparatus" creating them for reasons unknown. The Gnomes were the first to develop tools and pick up swords but their technology evolved with amazing speed. Where as Humans and Elves and even dwarfes have just reached the point where Swords and shield are made the gnomes have reached the point of air travel and ranged weaponry firing bullets such as muskets.


The Gnomes have little use for any religion they believe only in science and believe that the universe were created by the "Grand Explosion". An splosion that occured a long time ago altough they are not sure exactly how it occured, they have accepted the overgods as existant but believe they are just another result of the "Grand Explosion". Those who developed a need for religion however have all choses to support the belief of "Apparatus" creating the gnomes but even this religion ties into the "Grand Explosion theory"

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