Important Information
Race Overgod
Gender N/A
Born ATD 0


Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Other Information
Affiliation Magic
Weapons N/A
Home N/A

Magice is an Overgod, the one who discovered magic and also the one who gave Mortals the knowledge of magic. Within magic there is nothing that he does not know and no magic can escape his ever watchful eye. He is in charge of everything magical.


Magice is an eccentric overgod, when confronted by another overgod or a Voidlord he immediately attempts to enter a discussion about magic. However if confronted by the master, he shows an extreme amount of respect towards him.


While not truly the one who created magic he is the one who discovered and the one who revealed it to mortals, he is known as the father of magic. He first revealed magic to the Overgods and the Voidlords who revealed it furter to the mortals of the many planets.