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Orcs are a race of Nai-Tros.

Altough most are not very intelligent they prove to be among the worst threats on Nai-Tros due to their sheer brute force and fearlessness.


Saerkor is the orcs capital city. it is built underground in the orc territory known as "Ahrok" Suroounded by a harsh mountainous region.


The Average orc stands about 6'2 feet tall, they are extremely muscular, Orcs have two tusks, one coming out of each side of the mouth. Orcs are generally green, But orcs of other colors like red or blue is not uncommon.


The orcs are native to a large continent known as "Eastlands" far into the unknown regions of Nai-Tros. They came to the west with the purpose to conquer and to hunt, not just animals but people. Thoygh many return to their homeland to protect their empire from it's gtreatest threat yet.


The Orcs follow many religons but the largest one is "Caedeism" Which follows the belief of the god "Caedes" who created the most dangerous animals and their slaughterers, The orcs. this belief is closely followed by "Anima Mango" and "Vitaism".