Summoning is a spell that is used in order to call upon creatures to serve someone, normally in battle. Among conjureres Summoning is the most used spell and the one they focus the most on.


The Summoning spell is used by first creating one of the 6 summoning circles, depending on the power of the creature you wish to summon. After this you need to visualize an existing creature and focus mana in order to reach out to the creature and bring it to the circle.

Summoning CirclesEdit

1. Basic CircleEdit

The Basic circle is the one used for the weakest creatures, This circle is frequently used by teachers in order to summon creatures for target practice, This cummoning circle is drawn as a simple circle with a dot in the middle.

2. Secondary CircleEdit

Used in more serious situations and in summoning duels, this Circle is the most complex one despite it being able to summon only lesser creatures. This circle is drawn as 2 rounded rhombuses overlapsing each other with a dot in the middle.

3. Cross CircleEdit

A fairly simple circle the Cross circle is the one regularly depicted as the middle strongest circle as people tend to avoid even mentioning the sixth in fear of being punished. This circle is drawn as a circle with a cross inside as well as an enlarged dot in the middle.

4. 3/4 Cross CircleEdit

A Powerful Circle and in ancient times the most used one, This circle can summon powerful beings and only master conjurers use this circle, and not unless in danger. The circle is drawn like the Cross Circle but with one extra line.

5. Double Cross CircleEdit

An extremely powerful circle used by only the most powerful conjurers and summoners, This circle is the strongest circle that is allowed worldwide and the first one to carry a true risk, a few of the creatures this circle can summon are impossible to bind and therefore they may attack anyone in sight including the summoner, This circle is drawn as 2 crosses or a "+" and and "x" overlapping each other.

6. PentagramEdit

The Pentagram is the most powerful circle and is currently banned within most countries of the world for the sheer power of the creatures summoned by this circle, most of the creatures cannot be bound either and will therefore attack anyone, even the summoner. Making it impossible to send the creature back without banishing it, in which a powerful mage would be required.