'T'he Masters of Knowledge is an organization and a group of the most knowledgeable people in Nai-Tros and Mortios, As they wander the worlds they continuously gather more knowledge wherever it is found, they then write it down and store it in the Chamber of Knowledge guarded by the Golden Dragon, Oraculnir.


Oraculnir created the Chamber of Knowledge in the 32nd year of the Mortal age, and started to hunt knowledge in order to store it in the Chamber. However in MA 36 the Chamber was under attack by Narzuro the Black(Later "the Destroyer") A fight that lasted for 2 entire years before Narzuro was struck down by Oraculnir. At this time Oraculnir pledged himself to protect the chamber.

Over the years many great minds have come seeking knowledge, scholars, mages and academics alike, many who pledged themselves to gather knowledge. Eventually they created the organization "The Masters of Knowledge" in MA 167.


Oraculnir - Founder, First Master, Guardian of the chamber.

Lethyros - Second Master.