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Welcome to this Universe!

This wiki is dedicated to creating a fantasy Universe where almost anything is possible, if you want to help you can start by creating a continent for the unfinished world or a Hero, a Villain, even an antihero. Please check that what you add does not conflict with any existing articles.

The setting is Medieval/Fantasy world, so think of the myths and existences back in the medieval age unless you're creating a new planet or making some gnomes. ~Nelthro, Founder.

Nelthar Universe

The Nelthar Universe is a fantasy world originally from my mind, it has developed over the course of 10 years growing larger and larger with the help of many others. At first I refrained from putting it on the net but I have now finally decided to do it. Some of the ones who helped me have visited the wikia already.


Currently the timeline of this universe is counted in BTD (Before Time's Dawn), ATD (After Time's Dawn), and MA (Mortal age), where the Universe was created in BTD 0 at the same time as time itself, the current year is MA 5000. An extended view of the timeline and important events can be seen here.

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