This is an overview of the eras, years and important events that has happened throughout time.

Before Time's DawnEdit

BTD 0Edit

The Eternals create time.

After Time's DawnEdit

ATD 0Edit

Birth of the Voidlords

ATD 1Edit

Overgods's Creation

ATD 100Edit

Creation of the Planets

Mortal AgeEdit

MA 0Edit

The Original Gods and Devils are created

MA 1Edit

The Gods unleash their first creatures upon the world Oraculnir's Birth

Narzuro's Birth

MA 32Edit

Oraculnir creates the chamber of Knowledge and begins gathering Information.

MA 36Edit

Oraculnir and Narzuro fight for entry to the chamber of Knowledge

MA 38Edit

Oraculnir becomes the Guardian of the Chamber of Knowledge

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