As the name suggests, the Unknown Regions are the more mysterious part of Nai-Tros. A harsh landscape makes out the majorit of this supercontinent, yet oasises and patches of grass or fertile ground is not entirely absent.


Few races originated here, but most notably were the Orcs who conquered every corner of the continent before they set sail for new lands to conquer, the orcish empire lasted for a good 3000 years before Naerion Nelthar, son of Nait Nelthar came to the region. The orcs, who had never seen a Voidlord, let alone a half-blooded one suspected they could beat him just like any other mortal. But Naerion proved them wrong and took over half the empire with an army he gathered from people unhappy with the orc rule. In MA 5000 a war between the two empires has lasted for 600 years.