Unsealing is a magical ability which goes under the school of Conjuration, This ability is used in order to break the seal on a banished creature or object. Allowing it to reappear.

Types of UnsealmentsEdit

There are 8 different kinds of unsealing, One for each of the breakable seals.

1. WipeEdit

Wipe is utilized in order to break the weak seals, However almost any attack can break this seal.

2. BreakEdit

Break is utilized in order to destroy Basic seals altough any magical attack can destroy it.

3. CrushEdit

Crush is utilized in order to destroy Mid seals or weakened strong seals. Altough mid seals can be destroyed by adequate magical attacks.

4. DestroyEdit

Destroy is utilized in order to destroy tough seals or weakened power seals.

5-6. WeakenEdit

Seal 5 and 6 are the 2 seals that need to be weakened before they can be destroyed, after weakening them they can be destroyed by using unsleament 3 and 4

7. UnholyEdit

In order to unseal a holy seal you need to utilize unholy powers, such as the powers of a devil that is willing and powerful enough to do it.

8. RessurectionEdit

The Eight seal can only be unselaed if the one attempting to unseal it has knowledge of both Necromancy and Conjuration not to mention the extreme power that needs to be utilized.