Voidlord Nait

were an immortal humanoid species. Highly recognizable due to their rather unique appearance of a black silhouette with glowing white eyes, Voidlords were infamous for their involvement in many criminal acts, which they used to observe the different ways a mortal could react. Voidlords tend to be excellent magicians focusing on many different aspects of magic, due to their unlimited lifespan Voidlords tend to know much and have a wide variety of spells at their disposal.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

The Voidlords were black silhouettes of humanoids regularily wearing a high-collared trench coat, they were originally from the Void between time and space. They possessed distinctive traits; Two bright white eyes that could come in any shape. Voidlords have extremely smooth skin, most people however seem to pass through them as Voidlords despise being touched.

Voidlords also had the ability to shapeshift into the form of any mortal ranging from Men and Gnomes to Dragons or Wyverns, while shapeshifted it is impossible to tell them apart for anyone but fellow Voidlords who have the special ability to sense their own kind.

Culture and HistoryEdit

Little has been known of the Voidlord's Culture and History. Observing two voidlords at once is hard, as soon as a Voidlord spots another Voidlord they may look at each other for a short moment before one of them Vanishes into thin air, they are also highly secretive as few Voidlords ever choose to reveal anything about themselves. However if one avoids asking such questions Voidlords can be good company.

Voidlords however are rarely seen by mortals and seem to be a rare species throughout Nai-Tros and the other nearby planets, yet they have been involved in many different events up through the years and seem to have been around since even before the Overgods.


The Voidlords rarely worship anything even though they do have a god for their race, who is actually an Eternal known to the Voidlords as the Voidgod. The Voidgod however is not worshipped. Rather he is something every Voidlord strives to be. Should a Voidlord defeat the Voidgod the victor will be crowned Voidgod and ascend to the level of the Eternals.

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