Important Information
Threat Level 7
Origin Kaniros
Height 5'9
Weight 88 lbs

Wyverns sometimes called "lesser dragons" are not related to dragons at all and are a non-sentient race. They have two legs and two wings and a poisonous blade at the end of their tail


The most common wyvers are brown, but there exists gray, green and yellow wyvers as well. Generally wyvers have light strippes across their body used to ditinguish each wyvern from each other.


The wyvern can be seen across most of the world, they live in all but the coldest places across the world.


Even though the wyverns are found all across the world their nest are built in caves high up in mountains, Generally in a warm mountainous region, With an adequate food source.


Wyvers are carnivores and as such they eat meat, they generally feed of deers, birds and other wildlife but have been known to take llivestock as well.

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